Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2017


In a recent discussion about the general state of the universe (or at least, that of Redhill and Reigate) the team talk in the office turned to the turmoil of cats. It turns out that most of us here have had some kind of to-do with furry felines when we’ve been out on viewings, so we thought we’d let you in on some of the stuff we get faced with when showing homes to potential buyers. No cats were harmed in this production.

  1. Ashley, friendly sort that he is, and mistaking a cat’s jumping up on a window ledge as a cry for attention, put his hand out to provide a comforting stroke. Instead of accepting the offer of loving human contact, the cat jumped out the window! However, it hadn’t reckoned on Ashley’s quick-draw talents and was foiled in its attempt to escape by Mr Bone’s lightening moves, successfully catching the cat mid leap and reinstating it to its rightful domestic setting.

  2. While on a viewing with Anna, a viewer opened a cupboard door and found a cat asleep inside.  When we contacted the owners they were incredibly relieved – apparently they’d worried the cat was lost forever and had been looking for it for ages. They’d all but given up hope.

  3. Natalie asked a viewer to be careful NOT to let a cat out, but he did anyway (welcome to our lives, ladies and gentlemen).  It was torrential rain outside but, trouper that she is, Natalie hunted around for some dry cat food to shake and then wandered around in the wet trying to entice the cat out of its hiding place. Upon a successful retrieval, a very dark moment ensued when Natalie was convinced she’d locked herself out. She hadn’t, but she’ll never forget that sadness.

  4. After a sale completed, the seller contacted us to let us know her cats were still in the garden. She then went on to explain they were feral cats (of course!) that had been given a sedative. We despatched two Special Agents armed with oven gloves and tea towels (don’t tell us we’re not resourceful) to retrieve the cats, but, despite being sedated (the cats, not the agents), the errant moggies escaped over the garden fences of several neighbours. Cats Protection eventually caught them.

  5. Natalie and Ashley were at a viewing where viewer let the cat out  – yes, again! After the viewing was over, Natalie and Ashley spent a while chasing the cat around a car park and, after many a moment that would give a Benny Hill or Mr Bean sketch a rollicking good run for its money, eventually caught the naughty rascal in a hedge to be safely returned to the property.

  6. While on a viewing at a large rectory, the owner’s cat proudly presented Max (who, it must be said, prefers dogs) with its catch of live mice. This isn’t a situation that’s associated with bringing about the best impression of a property, or indeed the best in Max, but he faithfully found a way to remove the cat’s bounty without the viewers noticing. On his return to the office, Max took great delight in instructing the team on the benefits of owning a dog.


So a purr-fect ending to every story. And if that doesn’t prove that nobody does it better, nothing will!