Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017


We don't mind saying that we like a few facts and figures at the Ralph James office. It's very easy these days with the information available on the property portals to get a clear idea of just how all the other estate agents in Redhill and Reigate are performing, and to see how we compare against our competitors.

This month we've sold a number of properties that had previously been on the market for quite some time with other estate agents, so we thought we do a little bit of analysis. Although we're delighted to have found buyers for the owners of these homes, we were rather shocked at just how how much time they'd wasted elsewhere. Here are some examples:


Garlands Road, Redhill

This three-storey modern town house was for sale for 149 days with another estate agent. Within 5 days of the owner switching to Ralph James we had 6 viewings and agreed a sale to a cash buyer.


Ranelagh Road, Redhill

This three-bedroom Victorian house was for sale for 268 days with another estate agent. After the owner switched to Ralph James we found a buyer and got the sale to exchange contracts within 63 days.


Grovehill Road, Redhill

This beautiful end-of-terrace house was for sale for 119 days with another estate agent. The owner switched to Ralph James and within 35 days we'd found a buyer and got the sale to exchange contracts.


Canalside, Redhill

This contemporary apartment was for sale for 197 days with another estate agent. Once the owner had switched to Ralph James, we found a buyer and got the sale to completion all within 97 days. 


These properties had been on the market with other estate agents for a combined total of 733 days; that's 2 years of waiting around for nothing to happen. The market may not be as easy as it was in 2016, but that doesn't mean there isn't business to be done.

We got all of the above homes either under offer, exchanged or completed in a combined total of 200 days. These are real, tangible results that show just how well our formula of first-class presentation, unique marketing and promotion, exemplary customer service and pure and simple hard work really do produce remarkable outcomes. That doesn't mean it's easy, but it demonstrates what can be achieved when the estate agent you are using has a well-trained, enthusiastic and talented team that works together in your best interests to find you a buyer.

If you live in or around Redhill and Reigate and are looking to sell your home, we'd love to get you moving. And we will!