Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018


Slogans are funny old things. Ashley and I had wondered for ages about whether or not we should have one. Get it right, and you sum up perfectly what you do and your audience responds. Get it wrong, and you end up feeling a bit ashamed and turning people off.


Eventually we decided that we really did want a tagline, but that it couldn't be anything remotely cheesy, and certainly nothing with the word "move" in it. Results that move you; a moving experience; all the right moves; we love to move you:  they really don't do anything for either of us. So we knew what we didn't want, but not what we did. We were pretty stuck.


Fast forward to the designing of the Ralph James website and it became very clear that we needed a writer. You might have noticed how much bad spelling occurs in the property world and Ashley and I were determined to throw no more typos into the mix than strictly necessary. So we decided to get someone in to do the job properly.


At the time, and like most estate agents, we’d never worked with a property copywriter or even considered they might exist. So after bit of Googling, a bit of calling around, and a bit of getting quotes, we picked Paul because he'd previously been an estate agent. It seemed an easy option to go for someone with experience in the business.


We’d already had this thought around using the term ‘Special Agents’, but it really hadn’t gone any further. When Paul came to meet me in Redhill, I started telling him about the idea and, really fast, his eyes lit up. He said: "Well it's funny you say that, because you remind me of James Bond". I was a bit taken aback, and I’m definitely not claiming such a connection, but it’s amazing where things went.


During his time as an estate agent, one of the new developments that Paul had been involved with required a separate marketing campaign for the penthouses: there were 7 of them, and they had views to kill for. Maybe you can see where I'm going with this.


As the conversation continued, we began going through the various songs and phrases associated with James Bond films that might give us some inspiration. We reluctantly conceded that From Redhill With Love was great fun but WAY too cheesy (for a slogan at least), while The Name’s James, Ralph James was really taking things too far.


The light-bulb moment came as we talked about providing the best marketing and best service. Obviously you can't have a tagline saying We're The Best, and certainly not Baby We're the Best; people would either fall over laughing or be repelled by the arrogance.


But the Carly Simon song hung around in the air, and as the words kept running through our heads we remembered that the title is not Baby You’re the Best; it’s Nobody Does it Better.


I immediately knew it was right. Not only does it send exactly the right message, it keeps us constantly on our toes to deliver on its promise.


You might even say that our words are our bond.