Posted on Saturday, September 28, 2019


The business of letting your property has changed quite a lot over the last few years, with tenants now looking to rent for the longer term and seeking out properties that are well maintained and presented. Fewer and fewer people view renting a property as only for six months or a year, which means they are less accepting of shortcomings or a lack of care.


Of course, this presents a real opportunity for landlords to find tenants who will stay for a number of years. Fewer changeovers not only cut down on the income loss of vacant periods between tenancies, but also on the wear and tear that comes with people moving in and out. So for properties that are well looked after by the landlord, the potential for years of uninterrupted income and full occupancy awaits.


The idiom "like follows like" can definitely be applied to tenants and the landlords they rent from, so if you'd like to attract high quality tenants to your rental property, we’ve put together these six simple steps to making that happen.


Keep it simple

If the property you are renting out is your current home, begin the process of de-cluttering and packing now. Anything that you are keeping but that doesn't need to be on site for potential tenants – excessive personal photos; overly provocative art; thousands of books, etc – should go into boxes and then out of the property for storage. Anything you are intending to sell, donate or throw away should also make its exit. While these rules can be applied to every property, they are particularly important for smaller homes, or ones with limited hiding space.


Keep it fresh

It's a competitive market out there, so look around your property for anything that looks tired or worn out.  A new coat of paint can work wonders, while replacing threadbare carpets gives rooms a sumptuous - rather than studenty - air. For properties requiring further updating, it’s the kitchens and bathrooms that tenants single out as most important to them.


Keep it neutral

While it’s possible you might just find that one person who'd love to rent a property painted entirely in electric orange, property rentals is all about attracting the widest possible audience (and not acting out your own interior design fantasies). Warm whites and pale greys will fit with anyone's furniture and accessories, so make it easy for tenants to say yes by not challenging their taste.


Keep it clean

Nobody looking for property in Reigate and Redhill wants to see a dirty home, and no landlord wants to get a lower rent or wait longer than usual to find a tenant. So if you are living in the property, or if it is vacant, make sure it's clean and that any fabric stains and/or unpleasant odours (pets, cigarettes, etc) have been removed from furniture, carpets or curtains. Plugging in naturally-fragranced air fresheners is fine, but avoid the overpowering, chemically enhanced varieties as they are often off-putting and can raise suspicions. In properties that are already tenanted it can be harder to control the presentation, but there is definitely a connection between clean properties attracting clean tenants, so offering a sweet-smelling and hygienic home will certainly set you up well.


Keep it trim

If your property has access to a private or shared garden, balcony or terrace, ensure it looks neat and tidy from the start. Not only will the photographs look much better and attract more enquiries, it will allay any fears of arduous maintenance and rescue from potential tenants.


Keep it up

Look around for any mild malfunctions that you or previous tenants have lived with and get them sorted. Dripping traps, broken window catches, dodgy door handles and blown lightbulbs will never get better or repair themselves. They also give the impression of a landlord who doesn't really care about their property or attend to maintenance issues: hardly an attractive proposition when someone is choosing their next home.



These are all important steps that can help you rent your property faster to high quality tenants who will stay for years. If you would like any advice or assistance in bringing your rental property up to scratch for maximum income and minimal fuss, why not get in touch with our lettings team on 01737 765 555 or