Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018


While the property market may not be quite back to the levels of excitement and confidence of 2016, things have most definitely improved in recent months.

Buyers are taking less time to commit to a particular property and with this in mind we decided to have another shot at the open days that had been quite a regular feature of our weekends. Our three test cases were: a Victorian cottage on Kings Avenue in Redhill; a 1930s detached house on Sandhills Road in Reigate; and a mid-century modern detached house on Blackstone Close in Redgate, the neighbourhood that lies between Redhill and Reigate.

Kings Avenue, Redhill

Given the right conditions, Open Days are a great way to publicise a property. As well a providing a specific event for which to generate enquiries, an Open Day introduces a clear opportunity to see a particular property and, if all goes well, demonstrate to buyers that other people are interested, in turn producing one or more offers. So plenty of positives for sellers.

Sandhills Road Reigate Surrey
Sandhills Road, Reigate

But Open Days also have benefits to buyers. For anyone intertesed in viewing a property, an Open Day allows them more time to look around as the estate agent will be on site for a longer period, rather than scooting off somewhere else. Open Days can also give comfort to a buyer: if a lot of people are interested, clearly the property has wide appeal, which is good to know for when the time eventually comes to sell.

Blackstone Close Redhill Surrey
Blackstone Close, Redhill

So, how did things go? Well, it would be hard to wish for a better result as sales were agreed on all three houses.

At Kings Avenue there were nine viewings resulting in two competing offers. At Sandhills Road there were thirteen viewings and a sale agreed at the full asking price. And at Blackstone Close the fifteen viewings resulted in no less than four competing offers with a sale agreed over the asking price. 

So a wonderful result for all three owners and a very positive demonstration that Open Days are back in the frame, and that they can and do work.