Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2016


Since the first edition of R&R TODAY hit the streets at the end of the summer, we've been busily looking around for more local businesses and organisations to feature for the next issue. It's been a different process this time round because we've actually got a magazine to show people, which makes it much easier to convey exactly what it's all about.

Another change is that we've been approached by quite a few people asking for their business to be included. That is exactly what we were hoping for when the idea for R&R TODAY first came about; we really wanted local people to see the value for their business and their customers.

We don't charge companies to be featured in R&R TODAY. We love being part of the Reigate and Redhill business community and also meeting so many of the people who live here. It's been a real delight uncovering so many hidden creative enterprises in the neighbourhood and we're in no doubt that, without R&R TODAY, we'd never know those companies were there.

So the work continues, and we expect to start delivering the second edition of R&R TODAY in the second half of January 2017.