The High Street vs The Internet

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2015

The High Street vs The Internet

To us, one without the other is an opportunity missed.

The high street is the lifeblood of every town: a priceless and physical experience of local life whose power cannot be overestimated. It’s where casual passers by glance at windows, turn into customers and tell their friends. And it’s where shops, bars, restaurants and retailers invest in creating a genuine community. We absolutely love being part of it.

The Internet is an extraordinary tool for instant global coverage. It’s a crowded marketplace where it can be hard to get noticed, so we’ve created a website that’s both eye-catching and a place where people want to stay. And yet, while no other form of media comes close, the digital experience cannot compete with walking down the street and talking to someone. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to.

Much is made of the money-saving benefits of online-only estate agency. Well, just as everything we do comes from a place of quality first, our shop is not an exercise in cost cutting. It’s a beautifully designed space for the comfort, convenience and sheer enjoyment of our customers, and one that ensures the ultimate exposure for the properties we sell.

Nothing less will do.