Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2019


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Redhill and Reigate are full of property from many different periods. There is still a fair smattering from pre-19th century (and some going right back to medieval times), but it’s the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras that really characterise the area, from streets of terraced houses to converted institutional buildings.


The 1930s are also represented – the three-bedroom semi is still England’s most popular property – and there is plenty for fans of contemporary property with mid-century modern houses from the 50s, 60s and 70s right through to 21st century new builds.


So whether you already live in the neighbourhood or you’re looking to move here, here’s our run down of the types of property in Reigate and Redhill, and some of our favourite streets and places to find them.



Georgian property

Flat-fronted townhouses arranged over three or four storeys are the classic Georgian style, with either full brick, half rendered or fully rendered elevations depending on how late in the period they were built. Big sash windows were divided into smaller panes and very often the first floors would have tall French windows opening onto small balconies. Symmetry was a big thing for the Georgians through double fronted villas, while interiors were comprised of square rooms with elegant decor, from timber shutters and high skirtings to ceiling plasterwork and ornate fireplaces.


There are some very fine Georgian properties on Linkfield Street and West Street in Reigate. See below:



Victorian property

The Victorian terraced house is a staple of the UK property market and really put Redhill on the map with the expansion of the railway network when the town became a mainline stop on the route from London to Brighton. Coloured bricks, slate roofs, bays for sitting, reading and writing and single pane sash windows are the archetypal frontages, often with lovely geometric tiling to the front path and continuing into the long, narrow hallways. The often split level layout separated the main part of the house from the rear addition, giving the houses an extra storey of sleeping accommodation at the back. Inside, cast iron fireplaces, often in every room, and some beautiful cornicing and ceiling roses made up the decorative touches.


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Victorian property in Redhill and Reigate, but some of the most popular streets include Osborne Road, Trindles Road, Lesborne Road and Nutley Lane. See below:

Nutley Lane, Reigate


Fengates Road, Rehill


Edwardian property

In a deliberate move away from the Victorians, and as a signifier of changing ways of living, the Edwardians adopted a different approach. Moving out from the inner cities into the suburbs, the Edwardians embraced a wider and more glamorous entrance hall, often with oak panelling around the walls culminating in a protruding plate rack. This love of timber continued into the living rooms where taller fireplaces were built with large wooden overmantles, often with an inset mirror and also outside with mock-Tudor gables and porches. With wider plots came longer gardens, while big square bays with more windows created larger, brighter rooms.


If you are looking for an Edwardian house in Redhill or Reigate, you'll find some excellent examples on Chart Lane, Deerings Road and Lynwood Road. See below.


Lynwood Road, Reigate



Deerings Road, Reigate


Chart Lane, Reigate


1930s property

The interior layout of 1930s houses continued much along the same lines as that of Edwardian homes but the idea of mass property ownership brought different levels of exclusivity and style, most notably in terraced, and-off-terrace, semi-detached or detached designs. Windows changed to casements, often with stained glass fanlights at the top, and circular bays became a thing. Again, further into the suburbs, gardens got longer and plots got wider, giving room for driveways and garages as the car began to grow in popularity.


Broadhurst Gardens, Redstone park, Rushworth Road and Redstone Manor have some fine examples of 1930s property in the Reigate and Redhill area. See below:

1930s house on Rushworth Road, Redhill


1930s house on Redstone Park, Redhill


Mid century modern property

After a gap in British home building from end of the 1930s until some time after Second World War, the UK embraced a new modernity. Partly through practicality of cost and part driven by a new optimism for the future, pretty much everything changed. Decorative cornices, fireplaces, panelling and ceilings were left behind, as were all those square, splay and circular bays. In their place came flat-fronted houses with large single-pane picture windows, often reaching right down to the floor, and new, open-plan living arrangements reflecting new societal and family attitudes. This period of housing laid the blueprint for much of what we build today.


For mid century modern property in Redhill and Reigate, we'd suggest Huddlestone Crescent and Copsleigh Way in the Woodhatch neighbourhood for 1950s houses, or Windermere Way, Windmill Way and Danes Hill if the 60s & 70s are more your style. See below:

1950s house on Colesmead Road, Redhill


1950s house on Dundrey Crescent, Redhill


1960s house on Daneshill, Redhill


1960s house on Windermere Way, Redhill


21st century property

With a short interruption in the 1980s and 90s where construction looked back to Victorian times for inspiration, modern architecture in the UK has kept looking forwards. Newly built property is very much led by the open-plan layouts and clean lines of the mid century modern period, but now we see old commercial and civic buildings being repurposed as resolutely modern spaces that retain elements of their heritage – from windows to fireplaces to cornicing – while reflecting contemporary living in their layout and specification.


If you're looking for something built this century, Ringley Park Road has some of the best contemporary houses in Reigate and Redhill. If you'd like a contemporary interior created from a heritage property, Royal Earlswood Park is an extraordinary conversion of a former Victorian asylum into luxury apartments. And if you’d like to live in a completely modern neighbourhood, try Park 25 and Watercolour. See below:


Contemporary house on Ringley Park Road, Reigate


Contemporary apartments at Canalside, Watercolour, Redhill


Whatever the age of your property in the Redhill and Reigate area, you'll find us full of enthusiasm for it. So whether you are looking sell or rent a house or apartment in the neighbourhood, we'd love to help you with your plans. Pop into our offices for a warm welcome and a hot coffee!