Alas the legal process in the UK is not particularly simple or swift, but it is thorough and a good conveyancer will guide you through in regular language rather than legalese.

Technology has made its mark on the profession, so be sure to choose a modern and email-friendly firm with an online client area where you can update yourself on progress whenever you like. It’s much more fun than waiting for a call back. The relationship between conveyancer and estate agent can make quite a difference to the smooth running and speed of a sale. Part of our job is to talk to conveyancers all the time and, whenever we find a good one, we naturally want to work with them again.

And so we’ve got together with a good local conveyancing firm to offer a very special No Sale, No Fee service to RALPH JAMES customers.


3 Top Tips to get you moving faster, direct from the conveyancer’s mouth!

Please be prompt with payment of your file-opening deposits
to secure your no sale, no fee guarantee

Complete and return all forms as quickly as possible answering all
questions to the best of your ability and not leaving any blanks