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Interior motives: start your 2023 in style with our guide to the latest home decor trends

What are your big plans this year? Fitness, wealth, travel, something else? Change is always in the air when January arrives.

We’re entering 2023 on the back of quite a ride. Lockdowns, Brexit, empty shelves, four prime ministers, working from home, strikes, inflation, and geopolitical turmoil – it’s all been very real.  

With so much external upheaval, it’s no wonder that interior design is seeking to satisfy a desire to feel more in control, something we can all achieve at home with a strong sense of personal style.

As well as giving your rooms a fresh new look, new decor trends can help you add thousands to your home by reflecting what buyers see in glossy magazines and designer showroom displays.

If you’ve been waiting for life beyond cottagecore, farmhouse, Scandi and neutral tones, we’ve got some good news. This year is set for a return to decadence and bold statements through nostalgic glamour, luxurious finishes and vibrant colours.

So for this week’s blog, we’ve pulled together the latest words from the world of interiors to bring you the home decor trends for 2023.

Add some verve with curves

You might remember from our 2022 design trends blog that home accessories were taking on more organic forms. Well, that shapely trend continues this year with softer edges to sharply square furniture for a more relaxed and sumptuous style.

  • Expect to see evolutions of classic designs to sink into and curl up – if you already own a velvet chesterfield, your work is done!
  • Look out for more oval and circular dining tables on cylinder legs or tulip bases for convivial and conversational mealtimes.
  • Look out for more oval and circular dining tables on cylinder legs or tulip bases for convivial and conversational mealtimes.
  • Get a quick fix with timeless curved accessories like mushroom lamps, arched mirrors, round rugs and circular cushions.
Quick tip if you’re thinking of moving:

Check if you can make any planned furniture replacements now. By creating a head-turning and current look for your photos and viewings, you’ll add extra saleability to your home.

Make an old statement

The furniture industry didn’t escape supply chain issues last year, and delivery delays saw more people turn to vintage. The result was two new trends that, instead of upcycling and repurposing, celebrate an item’s age, imperfections, and original use. 

  • Meet flawsome design and newstalgia – the art of cleaning, repairing and resurrecting an item to extend the life it was made for.
  • Vintage furniture adds soul, heritage and history to any interior, whether you’re matching the period of your home, or mixing up your styles. 
  • People find joy and comfort in the handmade nature, skilful craftsmanship and solid materials of beautiful things from the past.

A single statement piece like a sideboard, chest of drawers or glass display cabinet gives instant character to a plain wall, and a top designer tip for mixing modern with old is to add just one vintage period to any given room. This helps you achieve a purposeful and striking contrast where your choices shine with a cohesive style.

Pop the cork and go out on the tiles

Sustainable, planet-friendly and feel-good materials are now firmly in our mindsets to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill or the oceans. The big comeback story of 2023 is cork, although not as we know it, while textured ceramics are also set for a revival. 

  • Cork has quietly reinvented itself into a serious alternative to hardwood flooring. Completely sustainable, soft and quiet underfoot, non-slip, and a natural insulator, it also comes in a range of finishes, like the beautiful Camada Corka from The Colour Floor Company in the picture.
  • Hand-made, natural stone and textured tiles bring a stylish and naturalistic look to bathrooms and kitchens – even updating a splashback or a fascia below a breakfast bar can make a whole room feel like new. 
  • No need or no desire for renovations, builders and dust? Add accessories like ceramic or cork planters, trivets, table mats and coasters for a warm injection of 2023 style.

As well as being an environmentally conscious choice, introducing natural, durable and sustainable materials into your home creates a sense of longevity for years of enjoyment – it’s also a great selling point for buyers!

Mix maximalism, marble and muted metals

You’ve probably heard of Avant Garde, but what about Avant Basic? The trend took social media by storm last year with extravagant images of colourful art, fashion and design. For 2023, it’s making its way into homes.

Top marks if you’re detecting a nod to 1920s glamour, and you’ll see plenty of it this year, including:

  • Marble, for its luxurious, timeless and expensive qualities, from the large expanses of table tops and kitchen counters, to accessories like lamp bases, bowls and vases.
  • Muted metals like gold, brass and polished nickel, plus hot new entrant aluminium for its endless recyclability. Think taps, handles, table legs and picture frames.
  • Maximalist designs on wallpaper, rugs, curtains and textiles with vibrant and busy floral motifs on darker backgrounds for a decadent take on nature.

A dash of opulence can go a long way in any home, particularly if you’re styling yours to sell. Just remember that too much glitz can turn into bling – sometimes less is more.

Create colourful scenes

2022 began with a move away from cooler tones, and 2023 is taking that further. The warm pinks, greens and lilacs of flower-filled meadows are making their mark on home decor, with online searches for colourful living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms up by as much as 200%.

  • Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year is Viva Magenta, a vibrant pinky red. Possibly too much for an entire room, but a striking choice for a memorable and photo-friendly chimney breast, alcove, or feature wall.
  • Farrow & Ball’s dynamic colour duo includes the warming Templeton Pink from Winston Churchill’s refurbished former mansion, and the gently green Eddy, inspired by the currents of wild water swimming.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Wild Wonder from Dulux is a sandy shade inspired by harvested crops that looks smashing with black metal, white walls and bare wood. 

Of course, you don’t need to repaint your rooms to inject some colour; you can use furniture and accessories instead. Try IKEA’s tactile Svartpoppel cushion coversWhistler dining chairs from John Lewis, or Wayfair’s shaggy gold rug to be instantly on-trend.

Are you feeling inspired?

However ready and confident you are to update your decor, designers often advise evolution over revolution. Introducing one or two elements of a new trend to complement your existing style can create a fresh new feel without feeling faddy or dating too soon.

And if you’re preparing your home to sell, why not get in touch to see what buyers are looking for in Surrey? Give us a call on 01737 333 677 or email us at info@ralphjames.co.uk – we’re here to help you make the best move.

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