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Valentines day 2023: Home is where the heart is.

Legends about St Valentine, a Christian bishop, as a heroic and romantic figure first emerged during the Middle Ages in England and France. St Valentine is believed to have been executed on February 14 because he defied the Emperor Claudius II by secretly performing marriages ceremonies for Roman soldiers. Claudius II had prevented soldiers from marrying because he thought they should only love Rome.

Today we mark the day by handing out red roses, a flower long symbolising love and every year, Ralph James hand out 400 roses across our towns. With our fourth branch opening this March, it’s the first time we could be seen in Banstead and we loved meeting some of our new neighbours!

We love our towns, and after all, home is where the heart is.

Thank you to Redhill based florist Greensleeves for the gorgeous red roses.


At 11am, Molly, Jackie and Nicky took to the high street to spread love and laughter.


A quick drive over to West Street for 12:30pm, and the roses joined Marie-Elise, Sam and Samantha out and about in Dorking’s eclectic high street.


Introducing Ralph James x Lancasters.

Following the successful launch of our Dorking branch last year, Ralph James are now joining forces with trusted local agents, Lancasters, to open a freshly renovated branch in the leafy town of Banstead. This welcomed move means that, when it comes to sought-after Surrey locations, Ralph James have you covered.

Ashly, our Marketing Manager, joined Lancaster’s Luke and Kelly, to hand out 100 roses to the lovely locals in Banstead.


Valentine’s evening saw Chris and Robin heading out into the high street to hand out roses to our community.

Did you miss us out and about this year? Catch us in 2024.

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