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Why I live in Reigate: Mark Haywood

As a director for a software company in the United States, Mark Haywood has been regularly back and forth across the Atlantic since moving to Reigate just over a year ago. Having the airports so close does make things easier for Mark, but that’s just one of the many reasons why he and his family have grown to love the area.

The Haywoods moved down South from Yorkshire around 6 years ago, initially to Redhill, because Mark’s wife’s job at the bank required her to move here.

At that point, they were simply looking for somewhere with great transport links, which of course they found. But in the process, they fell in love with everything else that Reigate has to offer.

Their biggest joys of living in Reigate are the great schools, lush green parks and the very real sense of community: the whole family were surprised and delighted at just how friendly the locals are and they count their lucky stars to live in such a place. 

Jogging or walking the dogs in beautiful locations like Reigate Park are real pleasures along with the great shopping and great food. Le Barbe on Bell Street is a firm favourite, satisfying the Haywood household’s penchant for fine French cuisine. Meanwhile, Mark loves a gin in the garden at The Black Horse, less than 10 minute’s walk from their home, while his wife loves the retail therapy at Jo Malone and Gerrards. 

In the family’s own words: 
“it feels a lot like living in London, but in a much more peaceful way!”

In fact, Mark’s only lament is that his job keeps taking him away! But until his career lets him stay at home more, he’ll settle for taking a little bit of Reigate in his heart wherever he goes.

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