Posted on Friday, June 10, 2016


Whatever your point of view around the UK's membership of the EU, you can't have failed to notice the effect the referendum is having on the nation. Whether you want to leave or want to remain, emotions are high and the campaign is turning into a farce on both sides.

On the news it's all politicians barking and regular people getting somewhat riled, mainly through frustrations at getting a straight story out of either side of the campaign, but in regular life, and particular in people's plans to move their lives forward, the referendum is playing havoc with the local property market. It's quite normal for elections to have a quietening effect, but the yo-yoing of the pound and the stock market really is giving both sides the jitters. Better the devil we know, or the devil we don’t?

There’s not much advice we can give on this one. We totally understand why buyers and sellers are sitting it out although, once it's all over, we expect life to return to normal, and very quickly. If you're a buyer then you might find going out now and looking will have you competing against less people (multiple offers on properties have become quite regular in Redhill), while if you're a seller you may well discover you stand out from the crowd with not so much property coming onto the market.

Wherever you’re at, it’ll be over soon!