Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Our guide to Reigate & Redhill, R&R TODAY, has been received extremely well for its second edition, outpacing interest in the inaugural Summer 2016 issue by quite some margin.

Hits on the R&R TODAY website reached 4,100 within two weeks of the first copies being delivered, with people generally staying on the site to look at multiple articles. The speed of hits is almost twice that of the first edition and we're aiming to go even higher as we talk to more and more businesses in the Reigate and Redhill area for the Summer 2017 edition.

R&R TODAY, subtitled The Life and Soul of Reigate & Redhill, is a celebration of the independent businesses in the neighbourhood. We're delighted the magazine and website have been such a, err, hit and we are constantly amazed at how many people are up to something interesting nearby. We've uncovered a good many businesses that don't have a shop front and that are not so instantly visible as those on the High Street, and we're now regularly approached by local businesses and/or their PR people who would like to be featured.

It's also been really delightful to hear how many of those people know others we've featured - the neighbourhood really is an actively connected community.

Stay tuned for R&R TODAY volume three!