R&R Today website is a hit!

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

R&R Today website is a hit!

The R&R Today website is getting lots of attention locally as we come to the end of the delivery run. The website is getting views pretty much every single day and we're promoting the individual posts on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.


What's also great is the number of businesses approaching us to be featured in the next printed issue. All sorts of people have been getting in touch to say how much they love the idea and it's been quite a journey of discovery finding out just how many different types of local businesses there are in the neighbourhood. We've been talking to people from the worlds of film, finance, food and even lingerie, so the next issue – due out in January 2017 – is already shaping up very nicely.


Our dream is that R&R Today will become an established and incredibly useful and interesting guide for anyone in the neighbourhood - newcomers, old-timers, visitors, whoever. It really is designed as a newpaper and website for everyone, so thanks to all of those who showed faith from the start and gave us their time for the initial interviews and we're looking forward to seeing the next issue of R&R Today in print.


Meanwhile, keep an eye on the R&R Today website as we'll be posting some new interviews there very shortly, long before the next newspaper comes out.