Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Selling a property in Redhill or Reigate is exactly the same as anywhere else: make the most of what you’ve got and you’ll give yourself the best chance of a sale, whatever the weather.



One of the places people will spend most of their time when visiting your home is the front door: either spotting a board when passing by, or waiting outside to be shown around. So it’s really worth investing in the famed kerb appeal. A lick of paint to the front door; a few plants and hanging baskets; sweep the front garden; remove any junk. In fact, making a great first impression is one of the cheapest and most effective things you can do.



In Anna's words: "there's no such thing as a spare room". So give every part of your home a function, even if you're not using it. Think back to when you first bought it; your circumstances and mindset then will very likely align with that of a potential buyer now. So if you've got a room full of junk, give it a role to play. What did you use the room for before it became a storage depot? What were your plans for it when you first bought your home? That's a good place to start.



If you've outgrown a space – which is the main reason why people move home – there's no need to make a show of bursting at the seams. While people might understand your circumstances, viewing a property with overstuffed cupboards in the kitchen or too many clothes for the available wardrobe space isn't a very positive experience. So whatever it is that your home can't contain, box it up and ship it out. Find a friend or family member with a garage or spare room where you can temporarily store any excess baggage, or rent a storage room at somewhere like Safestore in Redhill for a few months. Remember: you might be moving out, but your property needs to reflect the needs of someone moving in.



Are you planning on replacing a worn out bed or couch after you move? Consider buying the new item now if its size works in your existing home. The better your property looks in photographs, the more enquiries you’ll get, which in turn means more viewings and very possibly a higher offer. If the bed is going anyway, you'll have one less thing to think about on moving day!



"Most people have nice things, but they're often in the wrong place" says Anna. So rather than feeling you need to spend money and hours trawling the high street for bits and bobs, look around your home for items that are either unused or that might be more effective in another room. If you think you do need to accessorize to create a more inviting feel, local shops like Old Post in Nutfield and Taylor Jayne in Reigate have some great home accessories. If you don’t mind heading away from Redhill and Reigate, Anna heartily recommends the home section of TK Maxx in Tunbridge Wells.


Hopefully these suggestions will have been useful. But if you’d like any advice on making the most of your move, do get in touch. We’d love to help.