Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Well that was quite an end to last week with 6 completions happening on the same day totalling £5.5million of property across Redhill. And yesterday 2 more homes completed, both in South Nutfield, adding another £1.1million to the weekend's total. We’re not sure if that is a record for one agent in the neighbourhood but it’s certainly more than either Ashley or Thomas have experienced in all their years of working in Redhill.

There was A LOT of organising to do and the office was full of congratulatory flowers, cupcakes and wine to give out to people as they came in to drop off the keys to their old home, or collect those for their new one. For us it's a really nice way to draw a close to a process and say "good luck" to everyone on the day we've all been working together to achieve. 

Any completion is exciting, but it must be said that having six in one day – for any estate agent – is quite an extraordinary experience. And for an agent just one year old it really does mean something quite special, serving to remind us just how far we've come. 

Friday was, in the words of one of our customers "a bit hairy". We were pushing solicitors and phoning other agents throughout the day to get the latest on other links in the chains and to get funds transferred before the banks shut. In fact we went right to the wire with the final two completions happening at 4:57pm, just 3 minutes before the banks closed.

So we'd like to wish everyone who completed over the weekend a very Merry Christmas in their new home and to say a very big thank you for choosing to move with Ralph James.