Ralph James

Haggle or hold firm? How to achieve the best price in a changeable market.

The property market is a funny old world.  One minute estate agents are running out of homes; the next, you’re told the market is running out of steam. What are you supposed to believe? According to Rightmove, prices are up year-on-year by 8.2% but down month-on-month by 1.3% (prices usually fall in August, and this […]

Changing rooms: relaunch your home with a different look.

Most people delay replacing furniture until after moving, often because they see everyone else doing the same thing. Despite being perfectly normal, it isn’t always the best option. New furniture can help sell your home, so if any of your existing pieces are looking tired and destined for eBay when you move, look at what you can replace now.

Buy. Revamp. Rent. Repeat: For sustainable Lettings success.

With tenancies getting longer and renting becoming a lifestyle choice, tenants are looking for high-quality homes to live in for longer. By meeting this continually growing demand, you’ll achieve higher rents and grow a profitable long-term business. Finding suitable homes to renovate, getting the specification right, and having the finance in place for the purchase and works are essential elements of any successful project. So here’s our comprehensive guide to the “buy, revamp, rent, repeat” system used by many successful landlords.

Standing apart: 5 tips for selling in a crowded market.

If you’re on the verge of putting your home on the market, you might be concerned about so much competition. Perhaps your property has been for sale for some time, but nobody is coming to see it. Or maybe you’re attracting viewings, but none have turned into offers. Whatever your current position, we’ve got you covered.

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