R&R TODAY connecting people

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2016

R&R TODAY connecting people

Well this is something we never expected.

A very lovely elderly lady wandered into our office today with a copy of the R&R TODAY newspaper in her hand. She pointed at a picture of Rich Michalowski, a local handyman, on the front cover and asked for his phone number. "He did some work for me 12 years ago and was brilliant" she said. "I thought he'd moved away but I saw your paper and noticed him, so I thought I’d come in. I'd like him to do some more work for me"

She followed the map inside the newspaper to find our office.

That's a very lovely story and also proof that printed media can still most definitely have a place. We're not sure the lady was the Macbook Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note 7 type, so even though the R&R TODAY website is optimised for home computers, laptops and mobile devices, she would have totally missed the picture of Rich if we hadn't also sent 20,000 copies of the newspaper through local letterboxes.

Our dream was that R&R TODAY would become a great resource for the community, so let's hope this is just the beginning!