Posted on Monday, October 30, 2017


Last year the owners of this modern townhouse gave up trying to sell it after two failed attempts.

The property, on Parritt Road at the sought-after Park 25 development in Redhill, had been rented and really didn't look so great after the tenants had moved out. And so despite its great layout and location, the house remained unsold.

When the owners invited us to look at the property this year it was really clear to us that some sprucing up was in order. 'Potential' is a funny word in property because it really only carries weight with older properties where people go on the hunt for 'a real fixer-upper' that they can modernise, improve, extend, etc to their own tastes and requirements. But it's not really a word that applies to more modern properties because people tend to expect them to be ready to move into.

It can be a bit frightening sometimes to give an owner a list of improvements to make before putting their property up for sale. Although we've usually found that being completely straightforward about the best way to get a property sold is very much welcomed, that doesn't mean there isn't sometimes a heaviness in the stomach at telling people to effectively get their house in order!

Nonetheless, most people do want to know how to most effectively sell their property, and how to get the best price. Usually that means presenting it as well as possible and we believe it's down to us to speak up if we feel something is going to ruin or hamper a property's chances

Anyway, after meeting the owners of Parritt Road we made some recomendations about how to present the property to the best effect and, after a week of minor repairs and general refreshment the house was put back on the market on Tuesday October 17th. On the very first weekend we received two offers and agreed a sale; a great example of teamwork between agent and seller to achieve a swift and successful result!