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Poshnics and Play: Giving kids Scandi.

Making Scandi-style parties for five-and-under kids using soft play set pieces used to be an unexplored niche. But the hole in the market was swiftly filled when Jordan De Freitas saw the opportunity and set up Poshnics & Play.

The idea came to life a few months after the birth of her young son, Otis. In the run-up to his first birthday in early 2022, Jordan was seeking inspiration for the party. She searched high and wide for an imaginative soft play curator, but finding none, she fell back on her own natural affinity for event planning.

“I’ve always had a very creative mind, and I’ve been the go-to organiser for  family and friends’ events and tablescaping” she reveals. 

Unexpectedly laid off from her corporate recruitment job while pregnant with Otis, she then found herself working at a school in Reigate. This turned out to be just the right environment to give her the space to brainstorm the Poshnics & Play idea, something that had been bubbling away in the back of her mind for some time. 

“I wanted to create something that was complete fun for the children without compromising on style.” 

The main hurdle though, was her lack of self-confidence. “I was a little lost and unsure of what to do next. I started to seriously think about putting my love for planning events into practice, but had a voice inside my head saying ‘what if you fail?’”

“But with a push from my husband, close friends and family, I did it, and I am so pleased I did!”

She began with a mobile, neutral and Scandi soft play service for children’s parties. But now, as the name suggests, Poshnics & Play isn’t just about doing it for the kids. To save the parents from feeling left out, Jordan introduced themed luxe picnics for grownups which have been a real hit. And yet, the party doesn’t stop there.

“We also cater to hen-dos, baby showers, and get-togethers with friends – any reason to celebrate, really!” 

Along with the fun and games, there’s more to Poshnics & Play events. They also have a wellness side to them, “to encourage social engagement between young children, and the development of good motor skills for babies and toddlers.”

The pay-off for parents? “The little ones will sleep well after hours of active play,” Jordan says, with the air of someone who speaks from experience!

With a previous life as a BA steward, you can tell that Jordan gets real job satisfaction from making people happy. “I love seeing the joy on the little one’s faces when they see the soft play set up”.

Living in Redhill, Jordan has deep local roots.

Born in East Surrey Hospital, she was schooled in Reigate, met her husband at Merstham FC and lives in Redhill. This corner of the world is in her bones and it’s led to relationships that last long after her parties are over. “I’ve worked with such lovely people, and some of the parents have even become friends.”

Jordan De Freitas

Poshnics and Play
Instagram: @poshnics_and_play 
Facebook: @poshnicsandplay 

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